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Despite the rapid development on robotics and automations in almost all industries - still a key success factor and common denominator in resources inventory is Human Capital. Here is where the interaction with Nicole gave me a different perspective on “managing people”. She has unique interpersonal communication charismas which are evident when she presents as key note speaker on events. At the same time she is a great inspirational coach – a great source of ideas on managing people having combined a strong academic footprint on neuroscience with an interpreting / implementing ability on “digestible rations” focusing on how to assess people management, leadership and intelligent failure. Lessons that are useful both for business and personal life too.

I would love to share my personal experience and also speaking on behalf of Uponor GmbH. We had a truly amazing experience with Nicole and the other Academy 404 trainers in our Marketing Kick-off Event 2020. In many different team tasks and inspiring keynotes, Nicole gave the participants a tool belt of skills to be able to master the challenges of "new us" together. Through different workshop exercises, we learned how to be proactive, voice the ideas, provide positive feedbacks, encourage and support others, improved our storytelling skills and generated a lot of creative ideas. She definitely gave a jolt to the whole team spirit, engagement and the way we collaborate! I would definitely recommend her as a speaker, workshop trainer, and mentor.

Thank you for your interesting and thought provoking talk "Intelligent Failure: Your Success story" at the Leadership-Pop Up in Frankfurt.

Thank you for supporting us in this important step and thanks for the fantastic concept and session that suits perfectly to what we need.

I enjoyed the workshop with you and your team very much and took a lot of positive impulses for my new job with me. Thank you for making my start in the new team that positive!

Thank you and your team for the wonderful workshops. They will stay in my mind for a long time and I'll practice what I've learned. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your team again.

It was a memorable and exciting experience and great possibility to communicate with so many colleagues! Also your Team was super nice & energetic! they gave us really a lot of joy and good basis for Re-thinking! Thank you very very much!

"If you could change your view and reaction to failure, what would you accomplish?"

Your brain changes with new experiences. This is called neuroplasticity. This allows you to grow and adapt. At Academy 404 we intertwine our knowledge of neuroplasticity in our training strategies.