At Academy 404, Dr. Nicole Van Hoeck and her team help you to unlock your full potential to innovate, negotiate and lead in a ever more diverse, complex and changing world. This requires more than only your industry specific skills and expertise (e.g., finance, IT, …). Together, we build creative and confident minds, ready for today and tomorrow.

We believe in fundamental change, not temporary fixes. Therefore, we take a multidisciplinary, brain-based and interactive approach to our training programs, executive mentoring and keynotes. We blend practical fun with real science!

In the end, we want you to create an extraordinary life for yourself, your team and your company!

Be Bold For Change & Innovation!

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"If you could change your view and reaction to failure, what would you accomplish?"

Your brain changes with new experiences. This is called neuroplasticity. This allows you to grow and adapt. At Academy 404 we intertwine our knowledge of neuroplasticity in our training and coaching strategies.