At Academy 404 we believe that we, people and companies, can achieve far more than we currently do. That we all have the capacity to thrive, not despite, but because of our setbacks. For this we don't require a miracle. Instead we need to consciously expand and enhance our creative, analytical and flexible minds.
Reach for the sky and unlock your full potential!

That is why at Academy 404 we take a bold, brain-based and interactive approach to our training programs, events, keynotes and individual coaching. We believe in long-term and fundamental change, not temporary fixes.

Dr. Nicole Van Hoeck, founder of Academy 404, is a behavior and neuroscience expert. Together we overcome the status-quo. 


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Languages: English - German - Dutch

"If you could change your view and reaction to failure, what would you accomplish?"

Your brain changes with new experiences. This is called neuroplasticity. This allows you to grow and adapt. At Academy 404 we intertwine our knowledge of neuroplasticity in our training and coaching strategies.