Be Bold For Change & Innovation

Change and innovation can be fantastic, but also challenging!

Especially when...

  • training doesn't result in better performance.
  • there is not enough initiative or creative thinking.
  • the same mistakes continue to repeat themselves.
  • little changes and costs go up.
  • change is feared and engagement is far to be found.
  • ...

BUT it doesn't need to be like this. It can be different! Not by some sort of miracle, but with a bold brain based approach.

With the help of our neuroscientists Academy 404 provides science based skills training, team building events, keynotes and individual coaching.  Together we get your people on boardboost their creative confidence, and cultivate a learning and innovative environment.


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"If you could change your view and reaction to failure, what would you accomplish?"

Your brain changes under the influence of learning and experience. This is called neuroplasticity. This allows your skills, reactions, thoughts and feelings (all products of your brain) to be flexible and evolve. At Academy 404 we intertwine our knowledge of neuroplasticity in our training and coaching strategies.