Building a Culture of Experimentation

“Building a Culture of Experimentation” is the headline of the Harvard Business Review March-April 2020 issue. Those who are familiar with our work, know that this is exactly why companies and individuals partner with us.

A few key takeaways from the article:

  • If testing is so valuable, why don’t companies do it more? As companies try to scale up their online experimentation capacity, they often find that the obstacles are not tools and technology but shared behaviors, beliefs, and values. For every experiment that succeeds, nearly 10 don’t. And those failures are believed wasteful in the eyes of organizations that overemphasize efficiency, predictability, and “winning”.
  • To successfully innovate, companies need to make experimentation an integral part of everyday life—even when budgets are tight. That means creating an environment where:
    1. curiosity is cultivated and nurtured
    2. anyone (not just people in R&D) can experiment
    3. a distinction is made between data and opinions
    4. ethical awareness is trained
    5. a different leadership style is developed and embraced

We recommend anyone interested in this topic to read the article >>.