One-on-One meetings with Dr. Nicole Van Hoeck

 (PhD in Psychology, with specialisation in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. M.A. in Clinical Psychology).

Languages: English, Deutsch, Nederlands


Unlock your full potential and create an extraordinary life!

Executive coaching

"Wisdom is knowing what matters, why it matters and how to achieve it." 


is for you when:

  • you're looking for a personal sparring partner and confidant.

Someone with whom you can exchange thoughts openly and explore different approaches, in an confidential environment. At elite level it's what is in the performer's brain that determines success.  The focus of our meetings can be diverse: being better prepared for an important negotiation or decision, balancing life and work, managing conflicts or setbacks, improving overall mental agility etc . I can support you with clarifying current goals and long-term vision, help you identify an appropriate strategy how to reach your goals and increase your overall readiness to achieve them.

Our meetings are tailored to you. This also means that we can adapt the location and time. For example, we can combine it with an outdoor activity (e.g., hiking in nature or sailing) or an event. Others like to meet in my private office or online. The sky is the limit.

  • you're open to think outside the box.

To discover new opportunities a certain willingness to rethink is needed. Our meetings give you the freedom to explore and experiment with new ideas and methods from different fields.

Life & Resilience Coaching

"Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." 

Is for you when  (any of the following applies):

  • you are considering a new path in life, but something seems to hold you back. Maybe you don't know yet what is next. but you are wondering "is this it?"
  • you have a questions about yourself or your relationship that you hope to clarify in an open-minded and confidential environment.
  • you are currently struggling with a setback and wonder how to move forward.
  • you're interested in Biofeedback, Mindfulness and/or Forest bathing
  • you experience increasing stress, fear, unhappiness or difficulty with making decisions.  Maybe you notice a loss of confidence or energy, and want to find a way to turn this around.


(Not for you when you suffer from serious mental health problems like suicidal thoughts, addictions, psychoses etc.  In these cases I urge you to contact a specialized psychotherapist!)

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  • My private office is located in the heart of Rhine-Westerwald Natur Park, Germany (53547 Breitscheid). Only 10 min from the A3, and right in between Frankfurt & Cologne.
  • Online (No worries if you have no experience with online video chat tools. I will guide you through it.)
  • Another inspiring  location