"Wisdom is knowing what matters, why it matters and how to achieve it." 


One-on-One sessions with Dr. Nicole Van Hoeck

is FOR YOU when:

  • you're looking for a personal sparring partner, beyond the classic consulting or coaching.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs and executives who find in me a personal sparing partner, a confidant: Someone with whom they can exchange thoughts openly, talk about their fears and concerns, and discuss possible solutions. The topics they bring to the table are diverse: preparation for an important negotiation, balancing private life and work, transitioning into a new position or life phase, finding their way through the digital world, dealing with and better understanding conflicts or setbacks, increasing creativity and performance, exploring new meaningful goals "What is next?", etc.

Our meetings are adaptable to your schedule, interests and availabilty. For example, when preferred  can I free up an entire day and combine it with an outdoor activity (e.g., hiking in nature or sailing) or event.

  • you're willing to think outside the box and explore different possibilities.
  • you value a direct approach, guided by science.  (testing out biofeedback tools is also possible)


"It is a powerful person who faces adversity with confidence." - Client Academy 404



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Although I'm located in the Frankfurt area, I work there where I need to be: Onsite, online or at another inspiring location.