Brains @ Work

We offer brain-based team and leadership development programs in which we blend practical fun with real science!

Languages: English - German - Dutch

Brain Training Programs

Neuroscience has given us an invaluable insight into how the human brain works and how it interacts with performance and innovation. To facilitate change and unlock people's full potential, we align our approach to how the brain functions.

Our corporate Brain Training Programs -BTP's- are focussed around 4 major clusters:  Creativity & Innovation,  Resiliency, Communication and Neuroleadership.

Popular BTP's:

  • Recharge Your Brain®
  • Working Off-Script®
  • Innovative Leadership®
  • Negotiation & Influence
  • The Creative Brain®
  • Intelligent Failure
  • Neuroleadership
  • Difficult conversations & Effective Feedback
  • Perspectives: The Power of Diversity®

Incl. Train-The-Trainer Programs

Skill Boosting Workshops

Our Skill Boosting Workshops -SKIBS- are

  • Interactive
  • Playful
  • Brain-Based  (Incl. online micro-learnings before and after, to boost the learning effect)

Note: SKIBS are stand-alone modules. Since they are limited in time and content, they will generate more substantial change when incorporated into an in-depth Brain-Training program (BTP). Therefore, we always recommend the latter. Remember our tagline: "Be Bold For Change & Innovation" 

A selection from our modules:



  • Flexible minds
  • Creative problem solving
  • Fear of Failure


  • From Bias to Curiosity
  • Women @ Work


  • Present your idea with impact
  • Feedback & The Brain
  • Managing yourself during negotiation


  • Habit building
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Focus

Resilience & Well-Being

  • Happiness At Work
  • Recharge Your Brain

Build the skills of today and tomorrow!

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