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Training Programs

Brain-Based Learning

Neuroscience has given us an invaluable insight into how the human brain works and how it interacts with performance and innovation. To facilitate change and unlock people's full potential to lead and create, we align our approach to how your brain functions.

Popular Training Programs:

  • Innovative Leadership®

Successful leaders cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in their teams where employees are empowered to think creatively and experiment.  This programs aims to increase leaders confidence and toolbelt to actively approach innovation and transformation with their teams.

  • Working Off-Script®

Be it during innovation, negotiation or change, we are often asked to improvise, to quickly come up with new approaches and ideas. This requires us to cultivate agile minds that can switch flexibly between focused action and thinking outside the box. We help you develop the skills needed when asked to work off-script.

  • Creativity 4.0

Creativity doesn't take place on an island but in interaction with others and the outside world. Participants of this program will be introduced to the underlying mechanisms of creativity and the common myths. They will discover how the brain supports creative thought. They learn how to utilize their existing expertise in a more creative way, and increase their creative confidence and competencies. And last but not least, make intelligent failure their success story.

  • Train-The-Trainer Programs

Embodied Learning

Since you can’t disconnect your brain from your body, we prefer to incorporate an Embodied Learning element to our training programs. Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of embodied learning - learning that does not rely only on your intellect but involves the whole body.  Therefore we highly recommend our science-based "Embodied Learning" options. This  adds a unique and valuable twist to the training program and closes the Knowing-Doing gap. 

With the help of tools and exercises from the world of theater and improvisation, we help you develop and increase creative confidence, action and communication. (Read more ...)

Mindfulness is your ability to experience the world directly through your senses without judgements. This  is a skill that changes structures of your brain, improves abilities like "active listening" and positively impacts your daily performance. In the Mindfulness training option you learn how to apply this technique correctly and how  it changes your brain. (Read more ...)

  • Biofeedback (HRV & EGG).

With the help of biofeedback tools you can see first hand how you can have a direct impact on your own heart rate variability and brain functions.

  • Applied Yoga. 

Concepts and tools that you discovered earlier in the training will be translated and put immediately into action during the yoga flow.


Skill Boosting Workshops

Our Skill Boosting Workshops -SKIBS- are

  • Interactive
  • Energetic
  • Brain-Based  

Note: SKIBS are stand-alone modules. Since they are limited in time (90min-3 hours) and content, they will generate more substantial change when incorporated into an in-depth Training program. Therefore, we always recommend the latter. Remember our tagline: "Be Bold For Change & Innovation" 

A selection from our modules:



  • Neuroscience of Creativity
  • Intelligent Failure
  • Ideation Workshop
  • Ethics & Innovation
  • Applied Improvisation



  • Habit Building
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Focus & Goal-setting
  • Emotional Intelligence: Essential for Effective Decision-Making
  • Avoid Choking under Pressure


  • Feedback & The Brain
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Present your idea with impact
  • Communicating failure
  • Managing yourself during negotiation



  • From Bias to Curiosity
  • Diversity@Work
  • Teambuilding


Resilience & Well-Being

Build the skills of today and tomorrow!

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