Creativity & The Brain: The best-kept secret

Do you want to be more creative? Or do you think you’re not creative at all?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Somewhere down the road to adulthood, most of us came to believe that “creativity” is a kind of super power which only few of us are blessed with … “but definitely not me!” you might say.  I have to admit I was once convinced of this as well. Until, I learned a thing or two about the brain.

The secret of creativity

Let me tell you what might be the best-kept secret: Creative thinking is not that special!

Creativity is the result of ordinary brain processes. In other words, if you have a brain (please let me know when you don’t!) you already possess the most important thing to be creative.

Problem solving in everyday life

And without knowing you use this Creative power in your everyday life to solve problems. Just like this little girl, who finds a way to overcome her height-hurdle and manage to get on her horse.

Big C creativity & Creative geniuses

“Yes, but I’m not a Da Vinci, Adele, Franz von Holzhausen or Marie Curie”.

Well here is the thing about creative geniuses, they harness something more than creativity alone.  And that is:

  1. expertise
  2. motivation
  3. the right Zeitgeist

For example, Adele wouldn’t have become such a great artist if she didn’t practice her skill over and over again, if she wasn’t motivated to overcomes obstacles and learn from mistakes and failures, and if she didn’t know what people in this day and age like or are looking for.

Take home message

Thinking creatively might be scary, but it is an ability you already have inside your brain. It is up to you to unlock it!

Do you want to learn how to do this or how you can boost your creativity, then be bold and contact us. Together we will investigate how you can move beyond the status-quo.

Author: Dr. Nicole Van Hoeck