Creating @ The Edge

Our number 1, cornerstone creativity training course - with a solid foundation in the neuroscience of creativity.

Central Aim

Develop and foster the Creative Mind. One that can move beyond the past and present, to create the future! Not only today but also tomorrow.


> Blending practical fun with real science!

Interactive - Multidisciplinary - Science-based

> Tailored to your field and needs!

Different people + organisations  + fields, have different needs. So no one-size fits all.

> Multilingual

English - German - Dutch

Program Summary

An analysis of 70 creativity training studies (Scot et al., 2004) concluded that a fundamental understanding of the underlying concepts of creativity, combined with real life application, is the most effective approach to train creativity.



3 Pillars:


> The underlying mechanisms of creativity,  explained through the (neuro-)science of creativity

> The different types creative thinking modes, and how the combination of these will result in a creative product.

The role of Expertise in the creative process and how to apply it.


> Experiment with various ideation tools (a specific selection can be made based on your field and needs)

  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Embodied learning (e.g., Lego Serious Play, Improvisation, Intuitive Creation, ...)
  • Prototyping
  • ...

> Creative Thought Management: Learn and practice to reflect and (if necessary) act on the ongoing neurological and psychological processes, when these are limiting the creative process.


> collaborative creative skills

> creative spaces

> culture of experimentation

Additional Modules

 As an addition to "Creating at the Edge" or booked separately

Creativity 4.0 Modules:

  • Design Thinking & Innovation

Moving from creative ideas to an innovative product. Design Thinking is a problem-solving approach in which knowledge is constantly being questioned and acquired so it can help us redefine a problem in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent.

  • Working Off-Script

Be it during innovation, negotiation or change, we are often asked to improvise, to quickly come up with new approaches and creative ideas. This requires us to cultivate agile minds that can switch flexibly between focused action and intuitive listening. We help you develop the skills needed when asked to work off-script and increase your confidence and competence to communicate your ideas with impact.

  • Intelligent Failure

Intelligent Failure fits within a business culture and strategy where people develop the competences, mindset and support to: 1. innovate, 2. take intelligent risks, 3. learn from their setbacks, 4. collaborate creatively and 5. increase their confidence. In other words if we want to build a culture of experimentation and innovation, we need to know how to transform failure into our success story.

Leadership Modules:

  • Innovative Leadership

Successful leaders cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in their teams where employees are empowered to think creatively and experiment. This program aims to increase leaders' toolbelt and confidence to actively approach innovation, transformation and failures within their teams.

  • Reflective leadership

Leading others start with leading yourself. During this module your will increase your understanding how your brain functions, how it drives your vision, behaviour and decision-making. While gaining more self-awareness, you also increase your mental and behavioural flexibility. This will not only benefit you, but also your team and your company.

Performance Optimization Modules:

  • Enhancing your cognitive capital 

Human cognitive capital is defined as an "accumulating asset that can be drawn upon to create and to take advantage of opportunities and to sustain well-being, in response to environmental challenge and stress". If we want to prosper in the growing complexity and rapid changing environment, we need to strengthen our greatest asset, our mental agility.

  • Resilience training

Resilience is the quality to quickly recover from adversity and setbacks; and not only by returning to the status-quo but by using it as an opportunity for growth and development. During this training-module we explore and practice different cognitive and non-cognitive strategies to bounce back from stress, increase your overall well-being, and to be better equipped for next time around.

  • Learning and the brain 

Proper training is critical for any organization. Massed repetition leads to fast learning, but also rapid forgetting; in other words not long-term mastery. In this module we look at how the brain learns and how we can apply these brain rules to our training regimens.

Embodied Learning

Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of embodied learning - learning that does not rely only on your intellect but involves the whole body.  Therefore we highly recommend our science-based "Embodied Learning" options. This  adds a unique and valuable twist to the training programs and closes the Knowing-Doing gap. 


With the help of tools and exercises from the world of theater and improvisation, we help you develop and increase creative confidence, action and communication. (Read more ...)

Mindfulness is your ability to experience the world directly through your senses without judgements. This  is a skill that changes structures of your brain, improves abilities like "active listening" and positively impacts your daily performance. In the Mindfulness training option you learn how to apply this technique correctly and how  it changes your brain. (Read more ...).

  • Lego Serious Play

By using Lego Bricks people build 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models. Its goal is improving creative thinking and communication.

  • Biofeedback (HRV & EGG).

With the help of biofeedback tools you can see first hand how you can have a direct impact on your own heart rate variability and brain functions.

  • Applied Yoga. 

To speed up the creative process, we sometimes - paradoxically - have to slow it down.  Concepts and tools that you discovered earlier in the training will be translated and put into action during a yoga flow.


Build the skills of today and tomorrow!

Do you want to give your company and people a head start? Do you want to move beyond the status-quo and create new possibilities? Let's meet!